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Founded in 1976, the Meio & Mensagem Group is responsible for generating, publishing and disseminating a large share of information and analysis of Brazil’s communications industry. Over the years, it took, back then, a crucial role in the development of the young national communication, marketing, and media industry. Its independent editorial line enjoying high credibility has set out the discussion of important themes whereas its worldwide events coverage opened doors so that Brazil could be in line with world best practices. Its events brought to Brazil internationally renowned professionals pointing out latest news and trends. Its digital presence allowed for even more promptly and democratic updating. Its exclusive studies are reference and enable industry executives to have their decisions based on market reality. Institutionally, the Meio & Mensagem Group has always been in line with the market, bringing value to its institutions and rewarding outstanding professionals and companies.                                                                                     Moreover, we are sure that the Meio & Mensagem Group would not have its current stand without market cooperation, but the market would not be where it is today either, without the active participation of Meio & Mensagem Group in its course of history.